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Daniel Radcliffe
J.K. Rowling

Who's J.K. Rowling?


Everyone knows J.K. Rowling. Right? Well, she's the author of the Harry Potter books of course. But she's rather mysterious, isn't she? Which plays well into the magical world  that she's created for Harry and his friends. Here are a few facts we've uncovered about Ms. Rowling.
1. She was born in Chepstow, Gwent in 1965.
2. The J.K. in her name stands for Joanne Kathleen.
3. She once worked as a teacher before she became a famous writer. She taught French!
4. The first story that she ever wrote was called Rabbit, when she was only six years old.
5. She wrote two novels before she ever came up with the idea for Harry Potter, but never tried to publish them.
6. She went to a university called Exeter, located in the United Kingdom.
7. Ms. Rowling has a daughter, Jessica, and is a divorced single mother.
8. Harry is her favorite name for a boy. If Jessica was born a boy, her name would have been Harry.
9. Her first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ( Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) was written in a table at a cafe` during her daughter's naps.
10. The author that she identifies with most is E. Nesbit. Her favorite writer of all time is Jane Austen.
11. Some of her favorite children's authors are E. Nesbit, Henrietta Branford and Paul Gallico.
12. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ( Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) was published by Bloomsbury in 1997, and has led to worldwide fame of the author and her best selling series about a boy sorcerer.
13. In 2000, Ms. Rowling was named British Book Awards author of the year. She has also been awarded with The British Book Awards Children's Book of The Year and the Smarties Prize.
14. Ms. Rowling says the best thing she can tell her fans is to read!

Write To J.K. Rowling!

Here are some addresses you can use to write to J.K. Rowling.


                    J.K. Rowling
    c/o Bloomsbury Publishing Place
                  38 Soho Square
             London W1V  5DF


                    J.K. Rowling
              c/o Scholastic Books
                   555 Broadway
              New York, NY 10012


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