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Daniel Radcliffe
British Slang Words

British Slang Words

Here's a British Slang Word Dictionary. Email me if you have a British slang word that you would like to add to the page.

1. FANCY - Liking someone or something.
ex. I really fancy Daniel.
2. SNOG - Snog or snogging means kissing.
ex. She was just snogging with Draco.
3. BLOKE - A boy, guy, man.
ex. Look at that bloke!
4. BIRD - A girl or woman.
ex. That bird over there like to flirt.
5. BELL - A telephone call.
ex. He is going to bell me later.
6. FIT - A guy, boy, man or girl, woman that looks "cute", "good" or "hot".
ex. That guy is really fit.
ex 2. That girl is totally fit.
7. FOOTBALL - Soccer
ex. I love to play football.
8. LOO - The bathroom or restroom.
ex. I have to go to the loo!
9. NASTY - Meaning rude or unpolite. (Thanks To Trina!) 
ex. This girl is rather nasty, don't you think?
10. WASH - Wash, washed or washing means take a bath or showering.
ex. Have you washed yet?
11. BOOGEE - literally means boogers or snot. Pronounce it like this: BOW gie. (Thanks To Jamie!)
ex. She's got a boogee hanging off her nose!
(Do you remember where this came from? It came from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. In the bathroom scene, when Harry takes his wand from the troll's nose, he says, "Eww..... Troll boogees.")
12. GIT - means jerk. (Thanks To Karlee!)
ex. He's a real git.
Synonyms: PRAT (Thanks To Jackie!)
13. GAFF - means house. (Thanks To Whitney!)
ex. You have a big gaff.
14. GOGGLEBOX - means television. (Thanks Again To Whitney!)
ex. I'm going to save up my money to buy my family and me a widescreen gogglebox.
15. CRISPS - potato chips
ex. Can you hand me that bag of crisps please?
16. CHIPS - French fries
ex. I absolutely love chips!
17. LIFT - elevator
ex. I took a life to get up here. (Thanks To Emily Hershiser!)
18. BRACES - suspenders
ex. I bought some braces on Monday. (Thanks Again To Emily Hershiser!)
19. PLANK - dumb and/or immature
ex. That girl is so plank. (Thanks To Holly Watkins!)
20. KNACKERED - tired
ex. I was knackered after the flight. (Thanks To Miranda!)
21. MULLERED - drunk
ex. He was too mullered to drive. (Thanks Again To Miranda!)
22. MENTAL - crazy
ex. That old lady is mental. (Thanks Again To Miranda!)
23. JAMMY - lucky
ex. He's the jammy one. (Thanks Again To Miranda!)
24. GOB - mouth
ex. Would you shut that gob of yours? (Thanks Again To Miranda!)
25. IFFY - doubtful
ex. I have to take that iffy chance. (Thanks Again To Miranda!)
26. FRENCHY - a French kiss
ex. I heard you did a frenchy with him. (Thanks Again To Miranda!)
27. MOBILE - cell phone
ex. I lost my mobile! (Thanks Again To Miranda!)
28. HOLIDAY - vacation
ex. He needs a holiday. (Thanks Again To Miranda!)
29. BANGERS - sausages
ex. Pass the bangers please. (Thanks Again To Miranda!)
30. BRILLIANT - great, awesome
ex. That was brilliant! (Thanks Again To Miranda!)
31. PIGS - police men
ex. Do you know where the pigs are? (Thanks To A. Kashem!)
32. COP SHOP - police station
ex. Can you show me where the cop shop is? (Thanks To A. Kashem!)
33. KANE IT - to finish something off (not a person!)
ex. If I didn't want my food anymore, I would tell my friend to finish it if he/she wanted it so I would say 'kane it'. (Thanks Again To A. Kashem!)

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